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JIRA and Confluence Nordic Conference brings together customers, partners and experts of Atlassian Software to explore what makes a company work together artfully whether it is collaboration, communication or process and task management. Bring your team, or come be a part of ours, for a full day of sessions, networking and, fun!

The conference will also be live streamed. Follow the stream here.






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Basic Info

This is the third time that JIRA and Confluence Nordic Conference gathers up Atlassian users to learn more and share their experiences about the software. This year JCN will focus more on agile software development and application lifecycle management. Still there'll be something for Confluence users too.



Date: October 9th 2014       Time: from 8AM to 6 PM
Location: Technopolis Ruoholahti, Hiilikatu 3, Helsinki


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This year the agenda will be a bit more technically oriented than before. The focus will be more in agile software development and the tools that Atlassian and its partners provide for that. But don't worry - we're not going to forget intranets and Confluence users either.

8.00Registration and breakfast
 Session #1

Git Essentials
Malik Mangier, Product Advocate, Atlassian 

Atlassian has a solution for helping you make the most of Git. It’s an integrated development toolset - planning, code, storage, testing, deployment all in one, providing: Built-in best practices for Git development and agile planning (workflows and branching) Close team collaboration, regardless of geographic boundaries (pull requests) Automate manual Merges and Deployments and get back to the fun stuff (cascading merges) Complete end-to-end traceability - track development progress; cross-linking between applications; single source of truth for dev updates (the issue).


Sponsor Spotlight

Ambientia, Brikit, Documill, Refined WIki

 Session #2

Sponsor Spotlight

Tempo, EazyBI, Spartez, Seibert Media


F-Secure - Our Journey from Information Graveyard to Social Intranet
Samuli Airaksinen, Marjaana Virkkala-Ruhanen, F-Secure


Insta DefSec - First steps with Atlassian
Aapo Koski, Insta DefSec

Developing SW and solutions is sometimes complicated. To help the vast number of players involved to accomplish their diverging tasks, the best tools available should be used. Trying to find the best tools available and to get them into effective use can be done in many ways. Furthermore, a great number of issues need to be considered and tackled to make the promises the tools offer real. In this presentation some advice and ideas on what to keep in mind and what to avoid, when considering tools for developers, project managers and product owners, is given.

12.00Lunch Break
 Session #3A Solutions Session #3B Tools

Introduction by ALM Expert Tomi Kallio, Ambientia


JIRA is my significant other

Introduction by
Solutions Expert Eric Salonen, Ambientia

13.30Help Desk
Introduction by ALM Expert Juha Aaltonen, Ambientia
Customer experiences by Solteq, Matias Rönnberg

Solteq has been expanding its Support services for some years now, while making due with their legacy ticketing system. But with new business cases, a more sophisticated approach to ticketing had been deemed necessary. After extensive evaluation, Jira was chosen to be used in support, not least because Jira had already been successfully implemented in product development. The result is a unique cocktail of Jira Service Desk, Email This Issue, Misc Workflow Extensions, Valiantys nFeed, script runner and multiple uses for the REST API.

Introduction by ALM Expert Tomi Kallio, Ambientia
Customer experiences by F-Secure, Kimmo Toro, Risto Kumpulainen

Having developed software for more than 25 years, F-Secure has a long history in the usage of different kinds of version control systems. In our presentation we will be shortly covering the history of the usage of different version control systems we have used. We will also go through why and how we have migrated to use something better. We will explain how the usage of distributed version control system makes us better in delivering quality products as well as go through the challenges we have faced not forgetting to share few war stories from along the way.

Confluence as an Intranet
Introduction by Jimmy Lundström, RefinedWiki

RefinedWiki’s products is used by more than 2000 customers in over 80 countries and a common customer case is to use our add-ons to turn Confluence into an Intranet. In our presentation we will demo how you can use our add-ons to create an Intranet and also show how it is used by a customer.
14.30Coffee Break
 Session #4A Solutions Session #4B Tools

Continuous Integration & Delivery
Introduction by ALM Expert Tomi Kallio, Ambientia
Customer experiences by Nokia, Mikko Paukkila

Mikko will tell based on his experience dos and don'ts what processes and tools companies & projects should remember to have in place to enable software development to work most efficiently and to produce high quality.


Authentication & Authorisation
Introduction by Systems Specialist Jussi Haaja, Ambientia 

Both Confluence and JIRA provide a rich platform to manage access to both service and content.
This session begins with a discussion of fundamentals of identity management in Confluence and JIRA. From there, we move on to looking at different strategies for implementing Single Sign On (SSO).

15.30Customer Portal
Introduction by ALM Expert Juha Aaltonen, Ambientia
Customer experiences by Attido, Jouni Kilpi
16.00Account Management
Introduction by TM Software 
Customer experience by redWeb, Britta Jonasson Stender 

Confluence & Sharepoint integration
Introduction by Kimmo Liimatainen, Documill

Customer experiences from JHL
Case study on how JHL, one of the largest trade unions in Finland, is using Documill Explorer to integrate SharePoint content with Confluence.

18.00The End


Aapo Koski - Insta DefSec

Product Owner, Senior SW Architect

Aapo is currently the Product Owner of the Insta Response product family at Insta DefSec Oy. Aapo has more than 20 years of experience in different roles and various aspects of software development.

Britta Jonasson Stender - redWeb

Project Manager

My name is Britta Jonasson Stender. During the past 3 years at redWEB, my assignments have changed from design to project management. We have changed system 4 times within a year until we finally ended up with Atlassian. Most of my time is spent managing development projects, involving one or more of our international departments, as well as improving our processes and ways of working.

Eric Salonen - Ambientia

Solutions Expert

Eric is a die-hard Atlassian eco-system expert with 10 years experience in developing solutions based on Atlassian products with an ultimate dedication to JIRA. Eric has been involved in numerous projects as a consultant, project manager, developer and technical expert for numerous high-profile customers that have presented many different challenges and problems in the ins and outs of Atlassian Products. Eric was the first Atlassian Consultant for Ambientia and was pivotal on forming the business area now known as Agile Enterprise Solutions. Eric spends his free time with his family of 3 and is a console gaming enthusiast who plays games every chance he gets.

Juha Aaltonen - Ambientia

ALM Expert

Juha works at Ambientia as a Solutions Expert. He specializes in Application Lifecycle Management and has extensive experience in helping software development companies and teams improve their product development processes. Juha has built ALM solutions with Atlassian software for years.

Jussi Haaja - Ambientia

Senior Systems Specialist

Working as a Senior Systems Specialist at Ambientia, Jussi has delved deep in the technical aspects of Atlassian software. He also manages the technical aspects of Ambientia's Cloud-products.

Kimmo Liimatainen - Documill

Product Manager, Leads an integration cloud service

Kimmo is specialized in solving complex cases where business content needs to be connected with various business service platforms.

Kimmo Toro - F-Secure Corporation

Senior Manager, Engineering Productivity  

Kimmo has been working for F-Secure since year 2000 developing and architecting software, managing projects as well as improving software development processes, ways of working and people. In his current role he ensures that the F-Secure R&D get the best tooling and infrastructure as a service in order to let the developers focus on the things they know the best. For the past several years Kimmo has been focusing in development of continuous integration systems and practices. Automate everything. 

Malik Mangier - Atlassian

Product Advocate

Malik is a Software Engineer turned Product Advocate for Atlassian. Being a Product Advocate means helping Software Developers to quickly understand the solutions that Atlassian can offer; By providing both highly technical (product functionality, installation and configuration, requirements gathering and technical workarounds) and non-technical (features, pricing and licensing) pre-sales assistance to inquiries. This also includes participating in major conferences in order to share some of the software development best practices that Atlassian has learned over the past 12 years. 

Marjaana Virkkala-Ruhanen - F-Secure Corporation

Internal Communications Manager

Matias Rönnberg - Solteq

Project Manager 

Matias is a BBA working as a project manager at Solteq Oyj (Formerly Aldata Solution Finland). First working in System Support, then as PM in client-facing projects with Point-Of-Sales systems but as of January 2014 has been moved to work exclusively on internal projects, the biggest of which is transitioning System Support ticketing to Jira.

Mikko Paukkila - Nokia Technologies

Principal Build & Release Engineer 

Mikko Paukkila is an expert in software build, release, testing and integration area. He has experience of multiple software development environments Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, Qt, Symbian etc. He has also wide knowledge of agile & lean processes and related tools from small 10-20 people software and hardware product projects to very large projects of 1000+ developers. He has been driving deployment of continuous integration processes in an international environment and has been administrating related tools like Jenkins and Gerrit.

Risto Kumpulainen - F-Secure Corporation

Senior Manager, Engineering Productivity 

Risto has been working for F-Secure since year 2000 testing products and building test automation as well as coaching teams and building common services for F-Secure R&D. Currently he is busy shifting company focus towards the cloud.

Samuli Airaksinen - F-Secure Corporation

Senior Service Owner

Tomi Kallio - Ambientia

ALM Expert 

Tomi works as an ALM Expert at Ambientia. He is interested in various topics related to agile software development. Tomi has experience in distributed multi-site software development and the use of continuous integration and code reviews as ways to enhance the quality of software products. 




Follow the live stream here

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